The Truth About Life…..

“Life – 1. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. 2. Living things and their activity.”

The definition of life is not just what life is. Life is so much more than just organic matter. Life is the way we live. Life is who we are. Life is the everyday struggles we go though. Life is so much more. Life has to deal with growth for sure. But how we grow is the life aspect. Weather we grow up in to strong responsible adults. Or whether we stay immature beings. Yeah life is so much more. Life has to deal with our activities as well. But what activities? Our social? Our physical? Our mental? Maybe even our sexual?  Take social for example. Our social life is totally up to us as a person. Not everyone has the same “social life”. Nor would we all want the same one (be one boring world for sure). Our social life is defined as to who we hang out with, what activities we enjoy, and where we go. Who we hang out with defined it more than anything if you ask me. Who we hang out with can influence what we do so much. It can be a negative or positive influence. Ok enough about social lets move on to the “physical”. Physical life. Ok well not much about this one, it refers to are we here or there, Are we dead or alive. Physical means the body. Physical could as well mean how we have to live if we have certain limitation to our bodies. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone can do the same things. So in fact Physical does relate to the Social aspect as well. What about our “Mental Life”. Our mental life would refer to what we think and feel. It also deals with how mature we are. Which in turn relates back to our social life. Out maturity would define who we would hang out with. Our mental life could also be limited. Not everyone develops the same nor do we develop at the same rate. So that could out a hinder on our social life. Seems like a lot of our life goes back to our social life. Hmm the subject no one likes “sex”. Oh well going there. Our “Sexual Life” is usually defined by who we are attracted to. However that is not always the fact. Our sexual life is also defined by who we are as a person. Also our sexuality (orientation). Not to forget who and where we hang out. Hang out with the wrong people and they could influence you/pressure you to do things you do not want to do. Hang out in the wrong places and the wrong people could pressure you. Now if you hang out with the right people you have a better chance to be you for you and not what others want. Wow, look at that. Almost all aspects of life go back to the one aspect of “Social”. I wonder how many people really have ever thought of it that way. Sometimes we have to look at it from different aspects to really get a feel for life. Life is so much more than we usually see it as. Life will throw you curve balls, just lean in and hit the ball hard. Life will put obstacles in your way. But you just have to duck, jump, flip, and turn to get out-of-the-way. And sometimes you may fall, but you just have to get back up and continue on. Life is life. Not much you can do but go with it and hope for the best. Keep your head high and stay optimistic. If you want things to change in your life. You have to take charge and go and do something with your life.


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