Parents and life

Today I have been thinking about a certain friend all day long. And I can’t help but to think his parents run his life. He has no say basically in how he wants to live his life. He basically lives a lie everyday of his life. So I started thinking about how I would tell his parents to fuck off in a nice way. But it all comes out hateful. WHY? probably because parents like that don’t listen to reason. They feel the need to be the only ones in control. If our parents always ran our lives would we be unique? Would we be our own selves? What if our parents always choose for us? How are we to ever learn from our mistakes? How can we even truly make a mistake? If our parents choose everything for us wouldn’t that mean that it is in fact their fault when we fail? Makes you think doesn’t it? Parents have to realize that each child is a human being separate from themselves. I know I probably don’t make sense to many people but this is totally how I am feeling. I feel bad for one of the best people in my life. And because his parents run his life I am no longer in it. I hope one day he can have the courage to tell them off. But I doubt it will happen. And I know his parents will never wake up from their dream world and meet us in the real one. Run your child’s life and it no longer becomes his or hers.


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