Grey Cloud

So back story first since it’s been awhile. All has been going well at Company X. My team mate is awesome. Our queue has been flowing steady yet not completely overwhelming.

I started seeing someone. He’s amazing. Couldn’t ask for more of a perfect click. At least that’s what I thought. He decided yesterday that we were spending too much time together. No problem. But at the same time I never asked if I could see him. I always asked did he want to see me. So spending too much time together isn’t my fault. There was no labels attached which is fine. However I feel like I lost something that was really good in my life. But as I keep telling myself there were no expectations and as easily as he came in my life he could leave. Past is the past and I don’t regret it. I enjoyed every second I had with him. I will always cherish it. I suppose my time is no longer allocated to one person. Anyone want to go on a date?


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