Life Complaints

Dear Neighbors,

I just wanted to reach out to you.

I know I have dogs and at times they can be annoying. I just wanted you to know that I have many things in place to allow me to deal with disturbances throughout the day. One of those being a two way talk back Camera. This allows me to see and give commands when not at home. I also have multiple cameras that allow me to view and be alerted of unusual things like sounds, or movement.

Typically, while at work I do get multiple alerts for minor things like one of my dogs getting on or off the couch. Every so often I get an alert for my dog barking continuously. When I do get those I usually immediately log in and take care of it by giving my dog a command via my two-way Camera. Such as lay down.

Usually, that is all it takes. I do try to proactively take care of the inappropriate actions. It does happen that at times I overlook it or am unable to take action while I am at work. However, if you text me and inform me that my dog is barking and I will take care of it.

Texting me or calling me is not limited to my dogs. If you hear unusual noise levels coming from my apartment by all means, please let me know as I do want to be the best neighbor possible. With that said. We all make noise. In the apartment living we have to sometimes just live with the occasional elevated noises. Examples like Foot Ball Games, Late night cleaning, Weights, walking, flushing of the toilets, kids running, babies crying, cooking sounds, personal-romantic relations, and many other things.

So please do take those to heart before complaining. Many of the above can be made complaint of too. Yet, overlooked much of the time.

One last thing. My dogs are my kids. They may have fur. Walk on four legs. Bark and rough house. However, they are still my babies and I will protect them as such. If my dogs barking bothers you; Remember that your kids crying and stomping annoys me.


Your Neighbor with four legged kids.


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