Rough Patch

So tonight me and my roommate had an intense conversation. Here lately I know he has been going through a lot. I get that. As much as I can get that. I don’t always understand emotions and such.While I can never fully understand on an emotional level what he is going through, I can sympathize the best I know how. I get that he doesn’t think I can. And frankly I am not sure I ever will be able to. However, I can’t understand something I’ve not had to experience yet. I really wish I could trade places with him for just a hour to understand but I can’t. If I could take his pain and emotional stress away I would in a heart beat as I don’t like to see anyone in pain. I don’t know what else to do. We got into it tonight because he was a little snappy with me. Or at least that is what I perceived. I know I have to let it go. I truly want to. It just seems like it is happening a lot. I suppose I will have to just keep reminding myself that he isn’t meaning to do it and just let it go. I will have to try to do better at not letting things get to me or taking things to heart.


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