4 months 27 days

It has been 4 months 27 days since I start back at Company X. So much has changed in this time. I went from having a team to being the only guy for my technology. No I didn’t run them off. Though it felt like that to me at first.

My Tier 2 person left to go to Company A. He said he wasn’t valued by Company X anymore. In some ways I can see that. In others I believe we make our own value. Then my Tier 1.5 should have been made the T2, once Bryan left. Well drama happen and that didn’t happen. She felt under appreciated. Over worked. Which she was. So now Sarah has left to go to Company A as well. That leaves me. Little oh me alone as the only single point of contact for this team.

Now I have two choices. Take this head on and tackle it the best I know how. Or coward and squirm in pity over not having a team anymore. I choose to tackle this head on and hope that my team is rebuilt soon.

Until such time that my team is rebuilt, I will manage and do my best. I will fall back on my other broader team members and hope for the best. I’ve manage to build a contact in just about every team. So I have a go to person for anything. Now just to acknowledge when I am not knowledgeable to tackle something on my own.

Oh an I have a friend at work at least now. His name is Scooby.


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