4 Months 28th day. (alone)

So today I was solo. This means that I was the only person for my technology team. It started out fairly well. Then I felt like I was being pulled in 9 different ways at once. No big deal have to stop the pulling and prioritize. So I did such. I looked at all my cases and determined which one was a, gotta do this now, this can wait a little bit, this needs to be done but can wait till after this, etc. Once I prioritized what I needed to do I tackled it. I manage to handle and manage all my cases today. It wasn’t easy. But it was manageable. I have to remind myself that when I feel like I am drowning or being pulled in every direct to take a step back and manage the situation instead of letting myself get overwhelmed.

One thing that concerns me is the statements of learning more. While yes I always want to learn as much as I can. However, I can’t work on getting the numbers for my technology group down if I am being pulled to other technologies. So I guess we will see what happens with that. I prefer to stay with the technology I am on right now. I enjoy it and I am good at it.


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