When do you make the decision?

At what point in time of your life do you decide it is you and not everyone else? I know that is cryptic. I mean at what point in life do you decide that you aren’t going to find someone to share your life with? At what point do you give up hope on there being someone out there for you?

The reason this is something on my mind is due to a recent attempt at starting something. The “talking” stage so to speak. It felt like at every bump we somehow made it over. So much to the point that we were no longer able to make a compromise anymore. So first we had different preferences in sexual position. So what who cares we can take turns. This is something I have accepted in life that could be different with other guys. Oh well. Then we started to bring up some other factors that differ and oh well compromise. Then a tricky one came up. Religious beliefs. I am non-religious. I fall more in the Agnostic category but not fully. Anyway we decided to wait before making a decision till after we met and saw what happen. We seem to keep hitting road blocks that we would go around. Ultimately we came to a bridge we couldn’t cross. I have a service dog. He is highly allergic. Neither of us can compromise our health for a relationship.

It just feels like this happens a lot to me. Find someone that I seem to click with and then everything fights us the whole way. Am I meant to be alone?

I guess only time will actually tell. Just wish time would give me a sign.


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