Donor. 3 Month Anniversary

So the title seems a little weird I am sure. So I am in the process of doing the test to be a living donor. I am possibly going to be giving a kidney away. So, it’s coming up on mine and Blake’s 3 Month Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been three months. What an amazing guy he is. He’s been absolutely amazing through all of this. While he is very concerned with my decision to give up a kidney, he’s being very supportive. Blake may not like it but he understands that I will be helping another person and that above all else is what I love to do.

So, today was the second phase of testing for me. The first phase was blood work and cross-match testing. Which, by the way, we are a completely negative cross-match. Phase two of the testing is actually checking my kidneys to make sure they are up to speed and that my body can handle losing one. As you suspect that is very important to know. So, today I did a Nuclear GFR test. That is right, I had a radioactive material injected into my body. Believe it or not, your kidneys can filter that out. I know it’s amazing right?!?! Anyway, the test is injected at a set time. Then one hour later they take a blood draw. Then at the three mark, they take another blood draw. This allows them to see how quickly my kidneys are filtering and working. After that test, we went to CT. I had a scan of my abdomen done today. This was so they could get a picture of how my kidneys were incorporated in my body. We all pretty much have the same path’s so to speak. However, each person is just a little different. Which is so cool when you think about it.

So, now it’s a waiting game. Just waiting for results. Tomorrow, I go back for another all day, day at the hospital. Have some educational classes and more lab work to have done. I will probably write about that day tomorrow at some point. If not tomorrow, at least sometime this week. I have to return to work on Wednesday so, I might end up going to bed early tomorrow depending on how drained I feel after everything.


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